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II-VI HIGHYAG is one of the world's leading suppliers in the laser material processing industry. Our innovative laser processing heads and beam delivery systems enable the efficient use of the laser beam for the most demanding advanced manufacturing applications such as laser cutting, laser welding and laser brazing. The laser processing heads deliver the laser light precisely to the work piece and the beam delivery systems in terms of laser light cables and couplers guide the light from the beam source to the processing head.

Our success can be measured by the satisfaction and superiority of our customers. Our welding heads are used worldwide in highly automated production lines in the automotive industry, and our cutting heads provide high level productivity to high-throughput laser cutting machines. A broad customer base around the globe trusts our capabilities and know-how.

II-VI HIGHYAG is represented internationally with headquarters and production located near Berlin and worldwide sales offices.


II-VI HIGHYAG laser processing heads can be used for the following applications:

  • Welding and brazing
  • Cutting
  • Surface treatment

The processing heads are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry:

  • High uptime
  • User-friendly operation
  • Logical system integration
Remote Laser Welding Head RLSK

Remote Laser Welding Head RLSK

The RLSK combines the advantages of the remote laser welding principle: a large working distance and the capability to position the beam in a 3D work space. In its entire 3D work space, the RLSK allows beam positioning within milliseconds and it guarantees a uniform beam diameter. This 3D capability permits the remote laser processing head to accurately position the beam along high speed robot motions enabling short cycle times and a very high utilization of the laser and the robot.

Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC

Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC

High productivity and high cut quality are essential criteria for flat sheet cutting. These criteria have been the basis for the II-VI HIGHYAG laser cutting head BIMO-FSC. The BIMO-FSC is available in different Versions for focus control. Maximum productivity in manufacturing can be achieved by usage of the BIMO-FSC with machine controlled adjustment of focus position and focus diameter. This enables flexible cutting of various sheet thicknesses without manual Intervention.


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